Our services

Our offer includes road, rail and air transport modes

We offer you a full range of logistics services in the field:

  • organisation of deliveries,
  • supply chain supervision,
  • cargo consolidation also at controlled temperature, storage,
  • customs clearance,
  • coloads in Poland and abroad,
  • regional distribution,
  • design logistics,
  • the organisation of transport to European countries, the Middle and Far East,
  • America, Africa and Australia.

24/7 service

  • monitoring after office hours
  • searching for capacities depending on customer need
  • constant information flow
  • solution frequently used in automotive but not only
Road transport

Road transport is the most popular form of transport in Europe. We offer full truck loads and groupage shipments. In whole Europe we cooperate with distribution centers, in which on customer’s request we make reloadings and coloadings. This optimizes cost and has positive influence on carbon footprint reduction.

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Palletized transport

Road transport is our key product offered to our customers in the form of national and international shipping. By organizing transport and creating a supply chain, we enable our customers’ goods flow and create a bridge between the seller and the purchaser.

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Tanker transport

Tanker and tank container transport is the second key product offered by TSL Intermodal. We cooperate with corporations from food, chemical and pharma industry. Upon customer’s request we are able to provide tankers with two drivers which has a key meaning during Just in Time deliveries to keep production running.

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Sea transport

The maritime transport services the majority of international goods turnover. It is estimated that in terms of cargo weight, around 75 of the total worldwide trade in goods is transported. The use of maritime transport is considered to be the most cost-effective for long-distance services.

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Air transport

For some people air transport seems to be very sophisticated due to complex procedures and regulations. Please be informed that organizing air transport with TSL Intermodal is easier than you could imagine. Try us, rely on us.

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Oversize transport

Oversize transport needs well experienced freight forwarders. TSL Intermodal was participating in projects of moving whole sourcing units with its machinery and production lines from one country to another.

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