Sea transport

Undoubtedly, the particular advantages of this type of transport are the unlimited cargo structure and practically unlimited sailing range, easy access to the world’s major economic centres.

It is also distinguished by the strong degressivity of unit costs as transport distances increase.

Our company organizes global shipments of sea cargo in containers (FCL) and groupagecargo (LCL) as well as heavy and oversize items. We cooperate with the world’s largest shipowners and agents around the world. We offer our customers full 24-hour shipment monitoring and professional service in every port around the world. Acting as an intermodal transport operator, we combine maritime transport with other modes of transport, which makes it possible for us to organize the transport of our client’s cargo to the most inaccessible place in the world.

The maritime transport services the majority of international goods turnover. It is estimated that in terms of cargo weight, around 75 of the total worldwide trade in goods is transported. The use of maritime transport is considered to be the most cost-effective for long-distance services.

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